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The citizens of Trehaus

The following people are just an example of the colorful characters populating The Kingdom of Trehaus.

Marek was once a soldier, but once he realized that the biggest crooks are the ones in charge he decided to live and work for himself. Over the years he has created an organized criminal empire and is now the most wanted man in Trehaus.

Roland is Sergeant in the City Guard of Drugas. He doesn’t think his job to be too important as the kingdom has been peaceful for as long as he can remember, but if someone steps out of line he will descend upon them swiftly.

Marco is a Corporal in the City Guard of Drugas. He is often fooling around and cracking jokes. Enjoys drinking and gambling a bit too much. More often then not a thorn in Rolands side, even though they are often seen talking jovially.

Darius is a wealthy man who immigrated from Baramha at the start of the civil war. He now resides in Volcore, the farthest southern city and almost as large as Drugas. Known for his greed and rude manners when it comes to anyone of lower status, he is not well liked.

Vicano is a merchant from Stinett who is not ethical in his practices. He will do business with anyone he feels can turn a profit for him.

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The Citizens of Agripas

The following are the key citizens of the Town of Agripas. Agripas is little more than a farming community, it is northeast of Drugas and is often forgotten in the larger scheme of the Kingdom of Trehaus.

Yulos is an ancient man who acts as Elder for the town, wise and very cunning. Rumor has it that he is in fact a magician of some considerable power, but there is no proof to substantiate such outlandish tales.

Arec Gios an ex-soldier who immigrated here from Monadia when his son was born. During the trip north, his wife died of disease. Using the skills he learned in the Monadian militia, he became blacksmith and militia captain for Agripas.

Saimon Gios is a bright young man who has picked up many skills from his father, Arec Gios, and is set to wed Tarra. Often wiles away the slow days in his fathers workshop, or riding his horse.

Lugo is the towns Miller and when he is not working he is often found in the bar drinking. Was the first to befriend Arec when he came to town and is like a second father to Saimon. He is also a member of the towns council.

Tarra is the strong willed tomboyish daughter of Lugo. She is betrothed to Saimon and is devoted to him, but is very much his equal in many things.

Preston Forno is the towns portly baker, eats almost as much bread as he sells. Much like Lugo, he enjoys alcohol a bit too much. He is a member of the town council and a friend of Arec’s.

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The Court of Trehaus

The Kingdom of Trehaus is populated by mostly farmers and merchants who look to their king and his knights for protection from bandits and beasts. The following are the key members of the Kings Court.

King Sodus is a descendant from a long line of royalty. He is fond of his beloved city and fears the destruction of the kingdom, but not necessarily its people.

Volan is King Sodus’ principal advisor and administer of the upcoming Selection Ceremony. He is an arrogant man, who enjoys his role and despises the court’s daily petitioners.

Sir Lucien is the Commander of The Knights of Trehaus, charged with protecting its borders from both internal and external threats. While he neglects the villages and towns of the kingdom, leaving them to  often fend for themselves, he is not a cruel man. Prides himself on being just and upholding the law, but feels that his forces are beyond chasing a ragtag group of bandits. Despises court diginitaries and their pompous attitudes.

Sir Ulreth is the second-in-command of The Knights of Trehaus. While Sir Lucien is out on a mission for the King, he is in command. He is inherently a coward and only became a knight for the status and the women. Attends as many court functions as possible.

Captain Solanis is the Commander of the Guards of Drugas. Watched his father die at the hands of a thief when he was but a child and decided to join the Guards to ensure the safety of Drugas’ denizens. While his position qualifies him as a member of the King’s Court he rarely, if ever, makes an appearance.

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The Kingdom of Trehaus

The Kingdom of Trehaus is a small kingdom of only seven cities: The Capital City Drugas, Agripas, Finrell, Volcore, Stinett, Lorel and Krell. Trehaus is surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges and on one side by the ocean, has a temperate climate and an abundance of forests. Rumors have it that the northwestern most forest is home to the mysterious and elusive Elves.  In 1070 The King dispatched his army to the wasteland in the north to slay a ferocious beast that was plaguing the new northern settlements, which was ultimately defeated. Fearing the beast’s wrath, the king promised to the beast a sacrifice every three hundred years in order to save his beloved kingdom. It is now 1369 and the Beast will soon come again to claim it’s sacrifice…

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The World in the year 1369

The known world of Fontagea encompasses the continent of Garnozas and it’s surrounding islands. Garnozas is broken up into several small kingdoms, Trehaus in the north, Baramha to the south, and Monadia and Hasonia in the far south. It is a wild and unstable land filled with lawlessness and peril. Trehaus is plagued by an ancient evil from the depths of the far north, Baramha’s king dies and leaves the kingdom to his two sons, who soon begin to fight over the kingdom in its entirety, unsatisfied with only half. Then there is Monadia, an industrialized kingdom, where steam technology reigns and its citizens are no more than slaves to be worked to death in mines and factories, coveting the lands controlled by Hasonia, an enlightened kingdom, a refuge for higher learning: poets, musicians, writers and magicians.

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And the gods wept…

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am a writer, and as such I am trying to garner interest for my first book. Should be finished by Aug. 2010 if the cards fall right. In the mean time I will try and share with you some insights from some of the characters and places. Consider this to be a compendium of sorts to the world in which I have created.